The Collegiate Church and the Nicolas Poussin Museum

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Collegiate Church and the Nicolas Poussin Museum

In the city of Grand Andely which is located a few minutes by car from our guest house, it is absolutely necessary to take the time to go to the Collegiate Church of Notre-Dame des Andelys on the one hand and to the Nicolas Museum on the other. Chick. These two places, very close, combine perfectly and it seems important to us to visit them for a moment of art and history.

Notre Dame des Andelys is an impressive Gothic building whose dimensions can be compared to those of a cathedral. The construction of Notre-Dame began in 1215 with the choir and the facade in particular, then it was embellished and enlarged at the end of the 15th Century and the work ended around 1570.

It is therefore nearly 4 Centuries that will have been necessary to offer this rich building whose greatest contrast is the sobriety of which it reports inside through its Gothic style, very sober, while on the outside we We are faced with the flamboyance of a Renaissance displayed with windows and openwork stones of lace but also ancient columns and statues of Greek inspiration.

This collegiate church is one of the richest places of worship in the department: the nave and the choir form a beautiful Gothic harmony, and you will see 16th century stained glass windows, the work of great master glassmakers such as Romain Buron and Arnoult de Nijmegue, recounting in particular the lives of saints, apostles and martyrs. They give such a special light to Notre-Dame.

You will also see remarkable statuary, a 16th century tomb, a 15th century polychrome Christ, magnificent paintings by Jacques Stella and 3 paintings by Quentin Varin who undoubtedly influenced the painter Nicolas Poussin. Finally, you will discover the wooden organ gallery sculpted by Etienne Delaune in 1573.

You can find other religious objects from Notre-Dame in the Nicolas Poussin museum. It is located a few steps away, rue Ste Clotilde, in an old bourgeois residence from the 18th century.

It traces the history of the town of Les Andelys. You will see archaeological objects evoking Normandy from prehistory to its medieval history, religious objects, such as liturgical vestments, sculpted works, but also Holophane glassware (whose factory is located in Petit Andely) and of course the paintings by Nicolas Poussin, the most famous of which “Coriolanus begged by his family” painted around 1652 and evoking Roman history.