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Chateau Gaillard

Château Gaillard is a medieval castle overlooking the bends of the Seine and it is located opposite our Guest House, you will see it in several places in our House and our garden and we hope you enjoy having this vestige a few steps from the Maison Carpe diem. The construction of the castle began in 1196 and it was decided by Richard the Lionheart, who was then both King of England, but also the powerful Duke of Normandy (for the record he was also Count of Maine, Anjou and of Touraine)

The castle was built in record time for the time since it was completed in 1198, and at the same time, the town of Petit Andely was also built and it is in this historic center that our House will welcome you. It was an immense building, the architect of which is thought to have been none other than Richard the Lionheart, it moreover cost enormous sums, and the Duke of Normandy spent lavishly to build this castle, the design of which is judged to be complex and innovative. The idea being for Richard Coeur de Lion to protect his duchy against the King of France Philippe Auguste. Unfortunately, the King of England benefited little from it since he died on April 06, 1199.

From then on, Normandy and the Castle fell into the hands of the King of France and the Norman population found a place in the castle to try to escape, without success, from the siege of the French soldiers.

Passed under French control, this castle was first a prison then it changed hands often throughout the Hundred Years War between France and England. Damaged, almost in a state of ruin, France continued to consider the Château Gaillard as a threat and therefore, King Henri IV ordered its destruction from 1599 and it was completed in 1611. The site left in ruins is now the property of the French State and it has been classified as a heritage historical monument from the mid-19th century

In conclusion, we must remember that Château Gaillard was long considered one of the most beautiful castles in Europe, incredibly innovative and some have spoken of a masterpiece for its time, which confirms that Richard Coeur de Lion, a great military engineer was literally the designer. This castle was also intended to show the omnipotence of the Duke of Normandy against his French rival.