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As you will see, our guest house is located a few steps from the Saint Sauveur Church in Petit Andely. You will discover it at several times in the House, and it will accompany you in particular during your stay in our reception room, during your breakfasts or your moments of relaxation around the fireplace.
This magnificent building is located on the central square of Petit Andely, at 25 Grande Rue below the Château Gaillard and it is in a classic Gothic style. Its construction began around 1220 with the choir and ended a century later with the nave in particular.

The church is built and oriented according to the plan of a Greek cross whose branches are 29 meters long, and its spire which is at a height of 47 meters gives it a particularly slender silhouette. Outside you will see a magnificent western facade which is preceded by a wooden porch built during the 15th century.
The interior of the church is vaulted with warheads and you can discover very beautiful stained glass windows, as well as a statue of Christ dating back to the 13th century which shows us Christ blessing. You will also find a splendid Louis XIV altar from the abbey of Mortemer (located not far from Lyons la Forêt), with in the center an “Adoration of the Shepherds” attributed to the master Philippe de Champaigne.

The building also has many statues from the 16th and 17th centuries, as well as a large and beautiful canvas by the artist Bosschaert, from Antwerp, a work representing the Transfiguration of Jesus.

You will also find there the organ of Robert Ingout, who was an organ builder in Rouen: It is an organ with 3 keyboards which had originally been ordered for the abbey of Trésor-Notre-Dame in Bus Saint Rémy , but which was bought at the end of the 18th century by the city of Andelys following the abolition of religious orders. The organ was installed there in 1793 and it is this place that has occupied it since then within the building.

The organ was restored several times, notably in 1926 by Charles Reinburg, then in 1968 and more recently in 1998. This organ has been classified as a historical monument, in 2 stages, first the instrumental part in 1955 then the organ case. organ in 1971. This organ dating from 1674 is the oldest still in working order.

It should also be noted that during the siege of Château Gaillard in 1203 the village of Petit Andely was burned down but the church was spared by the King of France, Philippe Auguste. It was however “requisitioned” during the Revolution where it served as an iron and lead store. Unfortunately, many collateral stained glass windows were damaged during the 2nd World War, and from then on, they were replaced by Max Ingrand, a renowned post-war master glassmaker, with the Stations of the Cross as his theme.